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Displaying prices in store is part of the communication between the retailer and its customers. Clear messaging builds trust and assists shoppers in making quick and informed decision decisions turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.
With more than 17 years of expertise in the Bulgarian market, we offer a full range of solutions for effective price communication in store – from mandatory datastrips, shelf edge carrier rails or price labels to signage-printing systems and innovations in price communication.

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Frequently asked questions about displaying prices in store

Price labels can be placed in price profiles on shelves, in label holders on hooks, and on special stands in the refrigerated display case or on trays for fruits and vegetables.
Price rails, also known as price channels, price profiles, or price tags, are suitable for self-service shelves; various types of clips, pins, and label holders are the most commonly used solution for refrigerated display cases; special label holders are placed on hooks in the store, allowing easy access to products.